Payday Weighday: 201.8

Oh man, I’m getting so close to that next benchmark! So! Close!

I’m continuing with biking three times a week and doing yoga at least three times a week, that’s going well.

I’ve reintroduced several foods back into my diet successfully and I’m so grateful for that.

But I’m experiencing a bit of a mystery: I’ve been feeling lightheaded pretty regularly for about two months. No one knows why; all my labs are perfect. I’m not dehydrated, I’m not anemic. My B12, ferritin, vitamin D, hematocrit, blood pressure and everything else are a thing of beauty. I haven’t had any med changes. It’s a total enigma. And that’s kinda frustrating. I hope this shit stops soon.


Payday Weighday: 203.8

Still going down! Grateful! I didn’t do a post after my last payday cuz I was off of work that day and didn’t weigh. I’m grateful the weight is still going down, but it feels soooooooo sloooooow! However, I met with my dietician last week and she assured me I’m doing everything that I can.

I’m on day 76 of this damn elimination diet; this thing was never supposed to last this long. But I’ve successfully reintroduced tomatoes, sweet peppers, black rice and tempeh. I’m currently working on corn and will try hot peppers later in the week. Peanuts have not gone well. They’ve been inconclusive twice, which probably means they’re no good for me. But I gotta try them again because peanut butter is my absolute favorite food!

I’ve reached my goal of 30 minutes on my bike, three times a day. I can’t wait till it warms up enough in Minnesota to ride outside again. I find riding outside a lot more comfortable than on the fluid trainer and I’ll be able to ride longer.

Today kicks off week 13 of riding my bike three times a week and going to yoga three times a week. I actually went to yoga five times last week because of the awesome Kiss My Asana yogathon I’m participating in. It’s so cool, I’ve been able to check out five different studios and some different kinds of classes I had never tried before. Like bikram! Man, that was a trip. I had done hot yoga before, but not the bikram sequence. So different. As frustrated as I am that the weight isn’t going down faster, I know that a lot of it is due to muscle gain. Which is great. My arms are becoming a toned sight to behold! And I’m grateful for that.

So all of these positive body-changing, life-changing things going on, yet I’ve been asked twice in the last three weeks if I’m pregnant. Do you know how disheartening that is?! It is never ever ever ever OK to ask a woman if she is pregnant! I’ve lost more than 50 pounds since my heaviest – exactly what weight do I need to reach before people stop asking me that?! Ugh. I know, I know, people are just gonna be stupid, don’t take it personally. But I’m looking forward to never being asked that question again.

I don’t really have anything else to say, but that was a more frustrated note than I wanted to finish with, so

Payday Weighday: 204.8

I’m a week late with this post, but here it is! So no change. And it’s getting frustrating. But several people (people that don’t even know I’ve done a complete health overhaul) have mentioned that I look slimmer recently. Some of my clothes feel a little looser, some of them feel exactly the same. I’m unsure. I know that eating so clean is great for me whether I’m losing weight or not. I know that biking three times a week is so good for my heart health, my lungs, my joints and everything else, so that’s important. Yoga three times a week has dropped my already beautiful blood pressure of 110/74 to 100/70 and helps me leave the day’s bullshit on the mat. So all of that is positive. But I want the fat to come off because it feels so cumbersome and it isn’t doing my arthritic joints any good to carry the extra around! I lost 53 pounds in 2015, so an average of one pound a week. This is not that. I have an appointment with the nutritionist in a few weeks to see if she has any insight into the situation.

In other news, I saw my rheumatologist recently and he agreed that I can try dropping my Methotrexate down another 25%! I’m super excited because MTX is the med that gives me the biggest side effects and seems to contribute the least to my health. So far as I can tell. I’ll find out when I cut it back.

My butt hurts. I’m up to 28 minutes on my bike and I bought a gel pad for my seat to try to make it more comfortable, but it seemed to make me tilt forward which made my back hurt. So now I’m just using a folded bath towel. My butt still hurts.

I went to an incredibly meaningful event over the weekend. It was a yoga kickoff for a fundraiser for Mind Body Solutions. They’re a nonprofit organization that offers adaptive yoga classes for people of all abilities. Matthew Sanford is the founder of this amazing organization and he teaches yoga from his wheelchair. Which is amazing. I’m reading his memoir, Waking, and it is an intense, heartstring-tugging read so far! I’m so grateful that this organization exists and I plan on taking an Ambulatory Adaptive class there soon. I’m excited for that.

Payday Weighday: 204.6

Still moving in the right direction, even if it’s going sloooooooow. In reality half a pound a week is not that slow, it’s healthy. The thing that makes it feel so slow is that I was losing more like a pound a week last time I was real serious about weight loss. Two differences here though:

– I’m building muscle like crazy doing yoga three times a week. I was only doing cardio, mostly in the form of walking, last time.

– The biologic medication I take for psoriatic arthritis definitely makes it harder for me to lose weight. I noticed this as soon as I started taking it a year and a half ago. But if it takes me two years (or more) to lose another 50 pounds rather than one year like last time, so be it.

I just finished my first 22 minute indoor bike ride; that means I’m on week seven of this journey. The biking hasn’t pissed my joints off yet. Grateful. I’m on day 34 of my elimination diet, working on reintroducing foods now. I’ll see my doctor this week and my rheumatologist next week.

I had a bit of a crushing blow last week – my favorite yoga studio suddenly closed permanently. As in I walked in to take a 4:15 class to find a bunch of the instructors standing together, crying. It was such a shock. I had been so comfortable there, especially with my favorite teacher who has rheumatoid arthritis. There’s kind of a misery loves company / safety in numbers vibe there. But no more. In the past, this would’ve totally broken my fitness streak. But I’ve since visited two other studios and will keep checking places out till I find the right fit for me. Cuz I gotta keep this shit going.

Week 5: still going

Today is day one of my fifth week. I’ve done yoga three times each week and found a new studio that I’m in love with. I’m on day 20 of 21 of my elimination diet – that means I get to eat peanuts in two days! Excitement! I’ve done my bike three times each week, increasing my time by two minutes each week. I started with only 10 minutes each time due to keeping it attainable and cuz psoriatic arthritis. This morning I did my first 18 minute ride and that still feels good. Grateful.

Payday Weighday: 205.6

It’s going down, y’all! The best part is that it’s going down even though I’ve been gaining muscle – yoga three times a week will do that! I wish I had taken pictures of my arms three weeks ago because they are noticeably more developed already. I’m on day 18 of my terrible elimination diet, three more days till I start the reintroduction phase. I’m grateful that I haven’t felt deprived at all, it’s just very time consuming. I planned on getting dinner from the Whole Foods salad bar last night after yoga, but didn’t get there till they were already packing it up. So I had to go home and cook after all and this bitch was hangry by the time my dinner was done. But it was healthy and pretty tasty. I’ve been grateful to even find foods to eat at restaurants with my friends twice. Well one food really: fruit. We met for brunch both times and I just had my regular breakfast smoothie beforehand and only ordered a fruit salad when I met up with them. If not for the elimination diet, I could get a green salad, but I’m avoiding tomatoes and peppers and a bunch of other things right now and that’s just too tricky. But I love fruit and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be social with my friends still. To be clear, though, I’m not gonna miss this elimination diet when it’s over!

My weight loss motivations

An ever-evolving list:

– To treat food as medicine and fuel.

– To take responsibility for my health.

– To lessen my pain.

– To drop the 7 bowling balls of extra weight I’ve been carrying around.

– To have more energy.

– To gain confidence.

– To be able to buy clothes at mainstream stores and shop with my friends. To be able to buy band t-shirts at concerts that fit better and do not cost $5 extra!

– To not make the kids embarrassed to be seen with me.

– To look awesome naked. Bedroom stuff. (‘Nuff said.)

– As a way of exhibiting gratitude for my food choices and ability to fund them. So many people do not have that luxury.

– To be able to more comfortably hike camp, kayak and bike.

– To be more comfortable in plane seats, to feel good traveling, to feel confident in a swimsuit.

– To prevent cancers that have obesity as a risk factor.

– To feel confident to tattoo areas of my body like my upper arms or back.